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Best crypto casinos in 2024

You can find some of the best crypto casinos out there in the list below. This list will show you right away how many games the crypto casinos have, if they offer sports betting and poker room as well, and high or low is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount. If that's not really what you're interested in, you can just head straight over to the best crypto casino bonuses page instead.
Play responsibly

If you want to set any kind of responsible gambling limits in this crypto casino, you need to contact the casino customer support.
Launched: 2020
Number of games: 8000+
Sports betting: No
Pokerroom: No
Min deposit: 20 EUR
Min withdrawal: 30 EUR
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Wolfy Casino logo
CCT rating
Play responsibly

If you want to set any kind of responsible gambling limits in this crypto casino, you need to contact the casino customer support.
Launched: 2019
Number of games: 7500+
Sports betting: No
Pokerroom: No
Min deposit: 20 EUR
Min withdrawal: 20 EUR
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Vegaz Casino logo
CCT rating
Play responsibly

If you want to set any kind of responsible gambling limits in this crypto casino, you need to contact the casino customer support.
Launched: 2019
Number of games: 9000
Sports betting: Yes
Pokerroom: No
Min deposit: 5 EUR
Min withdrawal: 30 EUR
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Haz Casino logo
CCT rating
Play responsibly

If you want to set any kind of responsible gambling limits in this crypto casino, you need to contact the casino customer support.
Launched: 2020
Number of games: 7400+
Sports betting: No
Pokerroom: No
Min deposit: 20 EUR
Min withdrawal: 30 EUR
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Horus Casino logo
CCT rating
Play responsibly

If you want to set any kind of responsible gambling limits in this crypto casino, you need to contact the casino customer support.
Launched: 2019
Number of games: 8000+
Sports betting: Yes
Pokerroom: No
Min deposit: 5 EUR
Min withdrawal: 30 EUR
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What are crypto gambling sites?

Crypto casinos or crypto gambling sites are regular online casinos with one major difference. Instead of depositing and withdrawing money with your bank account or e-wallet you have the option to do that with cryptocurrencies instead.

While some crypto casinos offer cryptocurrencies as the only payment option, in others crypto is just one of the many available payment options.

Why gamble using cryptocurrencies?

Crypto casinos offer players a number of benefits.

Those benefits include but are not limited to:

Different types of crypto casinos

While we usually just use the regular terms like crypto casinos or Bitcoin casinos or crypto gambling sites, these are just the main terms. 

But crypto casinos like any other casinos can also be divided into different groups - regular crypto gambling sites, crypto betting sites, and crypto poker sites.

Crypto Casinos - regular crypto gambling sites

These are the crypto casinos that focus mainly on slot games. Often these sites have huge games selection (3000+) from 50+ game providers. 

They might or might not have a section for sports betting, even if this is not their main focus. 

In most cases these crypto gambling sites do not have their own poker room. But you can still find live casino poker games here. 

Crypto Betting sites - sports betting sites that accept crypto

Crypto betting sites are crypto casinos that have their main focus in betting markets. You can usually find a huge selection of betting options here. 

These crypto sports betting sites usually have also a good selection of slot games available even if that is not their main focus.

Betting sites that accept cryptocurrencies function exactly the same way as any other sports betting sites, except for the fact that the main deposit and withdrawal option is cryptocurrencies.

Crypto poker sites - poker room that accept crypto

There are also crypto poker sites which use cryptocurrencies as their main payment option. 

In addition to poker these sites usually also have at least a small slots selection and sometimes also good sports betting area.

A good example of a nice crypto poker site is Tiger Gaming.

What are the main cryptocurrencies you can use in Crypto casinos?

The most common cryptocurrency you can use to make deposits and withdrawals in crypto casinos is obviously Bitcoin. Closely following are Ethereum and Litecoin.

Other popular cryptocurrencies that you can use are Stellar, Monero, Ripple, Dash, IOTA and Bitcoin Cash.

In some casinos the number of cryptocurrencies you can use can also be 25 to 100 cryptos long.

Mostly I wouldn't recommend using Bitcoin or Ethereum for payments, especially if your payments are rather small - simply because the payout fees or blockchain transaction fees tend to be the highest for these cryptocurrencies.

How to deposit via cryptocurrencies?

Using cryptocurrencies to make deposits in a crypto casino or withdrawals from a casino is as simple as making regular crypto transactions. 

Simply go to the casino's deposit page, choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit with and you will be given address which you can make the deposit to.

Getting started: Choose the right crypto casino for you

Before you start signing for any crypto casino, make sure they have what you're looking for. In terms of what you're into exactly (is it slots? is it sports betting? is it poker? something else?), what sort of bonus you want, which crypto do you prefer to use for deposits, and more. 

Let's go through all the topics you should consider.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Are you looking for good bonuses when choosing a crypto casino? If so, then first decide whether you want a bonus for betting with cryptocurrencies, playing slots with cryptocurrencies, or your main interest lies in finding a crypto poker site with as good bonus as possible. 

After you have made that decision, see what bonus the casinos are offering, and most importantly, look at the bonus wagering requirements. As this does matter. It matters a lot.

Payments options in crypto casinos

The main payment option in any crypto casino is obviously different cryptocurrencies. But each crypto casino is different based on which cryptocurrencies they accept (most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies tend to be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin), their minimum deposits, minimum and maximum withdrawals, payout speeds and so on.

Additionally the crypto casinos might also offer you other payment options besides just different cryptocurrencies. 

Payment fees

While in many crypto casinos the payments, both deposits and withdrawals, are free, except for the transaction cost, in other casinos there might be a fixed fee for withdrawing your money from the casino.

Or maybe the fee is set just for specific cryptocurrencies. So it's important to pay attention to that.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal

If you're looking for a casino that offers low enough minimum deposit and/or withdrawal amount, then you should make sure the casino offers the minimums you are looking for.

It's also important to mention that most crypto casinos have different minimums depending on the exact payment method (and it normally also varies based in which cryptocurrency you use to make the deposit/withdrawal).

Payout speed

If waiting for a day or more for your withdrawal is not good enough for you, make sure to find instant withdrawal crypto casino where the withdrawal takes as little time as possible - so just until the crypto transaction has received enough confirmations.


Doing your homework and going through crypto casino reviews and reading comments from current players of that casino is helpful to avoid potentially bad casinos. It helps you judge whether it's a trustworthy crypto casino or it's likely to have more problems and it would be better to avoid it.

Casino RTP

In any casino, be it a land based casino, regular casino, or crypto casino - (by the end of the day) the house always wins. That's because the house edge is already written into the games.

But how high the house edge is, that depends. 

In recent years more and more game providers are offering various different RTP settings for their games, and casinos can choose the version that they want to offer their players.

The same game can have 91% RTP in one casino, 93% RTP in the other casino, and 96% in yet another casino.

You are looking for the highest possible RTP. 

Winning is hard, but we shouldn't make it even harder for ourselves. So I recommend checking the games RTP in each casino - and preferably, at least in one game from each game provider that you like. 

In most cases the crypto casino RTP is similar for all games from one game provider. So if they have the highest 96% for one game, it is very likely that the they have the highest option selected also for other games from the same provider.

Clarity of terms and other info

This applies mainly for bonus terms, but also everything related to withdrawals. Go through the terms texts and see if you can actually understand what it says. 

If you can't really tell if the terms are good or bad, and the text is not clear enough, it's often unclear for a reason, and maybe you want to scrap that casino from the list. 

Loyalty program

It's always nice to get extra bonuses just for playing. Some crypto casinos can give you daily cashback from your potential losses while other casinos could send some free spins your way. Just as a simple thank you for playing with them.

Games selection

If you're not really new to the world of online casinos, you have definitely found your favorite game providers or favorite games already. Before you sign up with a crypto casino, make sure they actually have the game provider or games you might be looking for.

Crypto casinos offer pretty much the same selection as any other online casinos. Except for one thing - the average games selection in crypto casinos tends to be better than the average games selection in other online casinos. 

It's not uncommon to see a crypto casino offering you 10k games to choose from. 

Provably fair games

One games section that you normally don't see in other casinos is Provably fair games section. Games under that category are using an algorithm that takes the fairness of the games a step further. More specifically, in case of these games all players themselves can verify that the game outcomes are honest. 

What this means is that all players playing the provably fair games can verify the randomness after each spin themselves, if they want to.

Crypto casino game providers

The game providers you can see in crypto casinos are pretty much the same as in other online casinos. But in crypto casinos you might also be able to find providers that you wouldn't see in other online casinos.

Most crypto casinos offer games by NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, and all the other very well known names in the industry.

Responsible gambling options

Now this is a tricky topic. In regulated markets casinos are normally required to offer their users an easy way to set their own responsible gambling limits. Those limits include but are not limited to deposit limit, losing limit, time limit, and playing limit. 

When it comes to crypto casinos, they usually don't have that requirement due to the easier, less demanding licenses. 

So very often crypto casinos DO NOT have the option to set up your own responsible gambling limits. 

It might be possible if you send an email or contact their customer support through live chat option, but normally you can not set the limits without doing that.

So when it comes to crypto casino responsible gambling options, they are usually lacking.

This is something you need to be aware of before you open an account.

If there is a crypto casino with responsible gambling options that you can set yourself, that would be my recommended option (well, as long as their RTP is good enough as well).

Crypto casino license

I'll be talking a little more about that topic in a second, but this is an other thing you want - you want to play in licensed crypto casinos. While licensed crypto casinos are often registered in Curacao where it's easier to obtain the license, even this one a 100% better than no license at all. Playing in a crypto casino with a license definitely gives you a little more piece of mind. 

Terms, terms, terms

I can't stress that enough - ALWAYS read the crypto bonus terms, and also payout terms in any crypto casino you join. I try to talk about them in my crypto casino reviews as well, BUT the terms can always change, and there's no substitute to always checking the terms yourself too.

Extra tip: Choose the right cryptocurrency when making the deposit or withdrawal

Transaction fees vary from one cryptocurrency to another, so I recommend you make crypto deposit to the casino using cryptocurrencies that have low transaction fees. 

Based on experience, fees for Bitcoin or Ethereum can sometimes be quite high. On the other hand, crypto deposits and withdrawals using TRX, Litecoin, or Dogecoin, can be rather low, making them perfect options for using as your crypto casino payment method.

Crypto Casino licenses - Where are crypto casinos licensed?

Not all casinos where you can gamble with cryptocurrencies have a license. So before you join any of them, make sure the casino has a license. Simply because it makes the casino more trustworthy.

Most crypto casinos WITH a license have usually one of the following licenses:

You can read more about crypto casino licenses here.

Is it legal to gamble on crypto gambling sites?

In most countries crypto gambling sites are sort of a grey area, so you should familiarize yourself with the laws of your own country.

While in some countries anything about cryptocurrencies have been already regulated in one form or another, in other countries using cryptocurrencies is either not allowed or it's not legal nor illegal.

Choose the right crypto casino and play responsibly!

While choosing the right crypto casino might help you win, responsible gambling is (or at least should be) always more important for you as a player. But most crypto casinos do not offer you the option to set up your own responsible gambling limits.

It can be possible, but in most cases you need to get in touch with the crypto casino customer support and ask them to set the limits for you. 

Which can be annoying.

But this means just one thing - if you play in crypto casinos, you need to keep your playing in check yourself. Always. And creating yourself your own responsible gambling rules might be a very good idea. 

If you can't play responsibly, it's no fun anymore, thus it's better to try not get to that situation.