Provably fair games in crypto casinos

Provably Fair games provide the transparency of the system
Provably fair games allow players to verify the fairness of their bets outcomes. This gives players the confidence they need to trust the games.

Provably Fair

Crypto casinos are often working in gray area - they might not have a license, or they have the slightly weaker casino licenses like the ones from Curacao for example.

As the license is not as strong as say a license from Germany, crypto casinos try to do their best to still make sure the user knows they can be trusted, independent of the license.

In essence, that's the whole point of provably fair games.

Provably Fair technology emerged back in 2011 to help verify the algorithms of various online bookmakers.

It provides a guarantee that the casino you're playing at pays out according to how the games should pay out.

That the casino doesn't change, doesn't interfere with the outcome of your bet.

Provably Fair technology makes sure that the outcome of each bet is transparent and verifiable.

How does Provably Fair work?

Before the game begins (the moment you press the spin button on a slot machine) the provably fair algorithm creates an encrypted key containing the end result of the game. In the end of the spin it can be checked that the key is still the same.

That would be the most simplified explanation of the process. Obviously in reality there are more than one key involved and so on, but that's the main point.

Key benefits of Provably Fair Games

As you already read, provably fair has its important place when it comes to crypto casinos.

Provably Fair games vs. RNG games

What is the main difference between provably fair crypto casinos and say, regular online casinos? Or provably fair games and RNG games?

Provably Fair
Provably fair algorithm generates the result
RNG (Random Number Generator) creates random outcome for each game
The result can later be verified by each player
The outcome of each game can't be verified by player
Verification of the fairness is done through blockchain tech and doesn't require third-party audits
Need to be tested and audited by third-parties

Are all games Provably Fair in crypto casinos?

Provably fair crypto casino games can be anything - roulette, blackjack, wheel games, dice games, crash games. But the overall number of provably fair games is not huge. Mostly the crypto casinos don't have more than a few dozen provably fair games.

Are slot games provably fair?

As a rule of thumb, no. Or at least they didn't use to be, as slots are a bit different creatures than the other games with logical odds. However, lately this has started changing, and now there are also provably fair slot games.

Probably fair crypto casinos

Most crypto casinos offer at least a few provably fair games. Here are just a few for you: