Crypto Casino bonuses

Find the Best crypto Casino bonuses in 2024 to increase your playing budget.
budget. Which crypto casinos offer you the best bonuses? Find all the best crypto casino bonus offers below, grouped by whether they offer you the biggest bonus, or just a bonus with lowest wagering requirements, or in some cases, no wagering requirement at all.

Best Crypto Casino bonuses 2024

Before we dive into the big topic of the best crypto casino bonuses and also explain you what you should DEFINITELY look out for when trying to find the best crypto casino bonus out there, here's a quick overview of some of the best crypto bonuses out there right now:

Fortune Panda Casino logo
Match percent
Wagering requirement
CCT rating
Details & terms: This bonus has no wagering requirements.
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Wolfy Casino logo
Match percent
Wagering requirement
CCT rating
Details & terms: New users only. No wagering requirement. Use Wolfy Casino crypto welcome bonus WELCOME150 to activate the bonus.
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Vegaz Casino logo
Match percent
Wagering requirement
CCT rating
Details & terms: No wagering requirements! But you need to use bonus codes which can be used in our review.
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Haz Casino logo
Match percent
Wagering requirement
CCT rating
Details & terms: One bonus per player, minimum deposit of €20 for each offer, max bet is €5, wagering requirement of 40x bonus amount, free spins are valid for 7 days after activation, and a maximum cashout of 10x deposit amount.
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Horus Casino logo
Match percent
Wagering requirement
CCT rating
Details & terms: The bonus is only available to new players and can only be claimed once. The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is €20. No wagering requirements. Winnings cap 5x bonus. Crypto deposits only.
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What are crypto casino bonuses?

Crypto casino bonuses are casino bonus money or free spins offers meant to encourage you to start playing or continue playing at the specific crypto casino.

Different types of casino bonus

Casino bonuses can generally be divided into different groups, from match bonuses to free spins bonuses to cashback and reload bonuses and everything in between.

But as we care the most about not casino bonuses in general, but crypto casino bonuses, how do they differ from so-said normal ones?

Bonuses specific to crypto casinos - why choose crypto casino bonus?

While in general there is no big difference between the bonuses of a crypto casino and bonuses of a traditional online casino, crypto casino bonuses can differ in details. 

And as we all know, details matter. Details can make a big difference between a good bonus and a bad bonus, even if they look exactly the same at first glance.

Other bonuses offered in crypto casinos

Now, as I mentioned before, in general the bonuses in crypto casinos are similar to the bonuses in other online casinos. 

At least when it comes to the casino bonus types. 

So let me give you a quick overview of them all. After that we'll get to the most important point in my opinion - what to pay attention to when you try to choose the best possible crypto casino bonus.

Welcome bonus

Casino welcome bonus is a bonus that is offered by the casino to new users only upon singing up. Such crypto casino signup bonus is a good way of doubling your playing money instantly. Crypto casino welcome bonus can consist of many different things. Such as deposit match bonus, free spins, cashback.

Free spins bonus

Bonus where casino offers you free spins for something. Maybe for deposit, maybe for getting to a new VIP level, maybe for something else.

No deposit bonus

The best, yet the least offered bonus is no deposit bonus. Casino just gives you free money or free spins without requiring you to risk any of your own money. Note that the the best type of bonus is no deposit no wagering bonus, where casino gives you money for nothing and also asks for nothing in return.

Reload bonus

Bonus for making a new deposit. Can be a match bonus, free spins bonus, or anything else.

Loyalty bonus, and crypto casino VIP bonus

Bonus for playing. In many casinos you collect points whenever you play. The more points you collect, the higher VIP levels you reach, and the better bonuses are offered.

High roller bonus

Highroller bonuses are bonuses meant for high stakes players.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus if offered from losses. For example, if a casino offers 10% cashback, it usually means that you can get 10% cashback from your net losses. 

Very seldom casinos can also pay you something like 1 or 2% cashback from ALL money spent on some specific game provider slots.

Seasonal bonus offers

Seasonal bonuses are offered during holidays or events. For example, casinos make campaigns for Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, whatever else.


Casino tournaments are a good way to pocket some extra money. Often you don't need to do anything extra to participate in them. 

Just play some specific slots that are included in the tournament. 

Most commonly anywhere from 3 to 250 people who win the most with a single spin are paid. 

The good part - if you're lucky, and you win a lot, you get extra lucky and get prize money from the tournament as well. 

Sometimes the tournaments can be wagering tournaments - to win you need to play a lot. So high rollers have the best chance of winning anything from them.

12 things to pay attention to when you see a crypto bonus

Choosing to accept or not to accept a bonus offered by a crypto casino is not as simple as it might look at first glance. 

It doesn't matter if a casino is offering you up to 50 BTC bonus money. 

It doesn't matter the casino is offering you 10 000 free spins. 

It really doesn't. 

These numbers should be treated as secondary. 

What matters are the details, the terms of the offer. 

Very often getting a 0.001 BTC bonus can be way better than receiving a 5 BTC bonus. 

Sometimes it makes way more sense not to accept the bonus at all, and play without a bonus instead.

Casinos, both traditional ones and crypto casinos, offer bonuses for two main reasons:

  1. To encourage new players to sign up
  2. To make money, and to make sure the bonus doesn't cost the casinos a thing, not even short-term

If the bonus details show you that the crypto bonus is good only for the second reason, you should definitely NOT accept the bonus, even if it does give you a lot more money to play with. As that's all it would do, give you a lot more money to play with without actually making it possible to win anything due to either very high wagering requirements, or very low maximum winning cap.

Okay, let's dig into it. What are the main things you should pay attention to when it comes to choosing the right crypto casino bonus?


Nobody likes to read long pages about any terms and conditions. But when it comes to crypto casino bonuses, reading and understanding the casino bonus terms is a must. The bonus terms page tells you exactly how good to how bad the offered bonus is. You just need to learn to understand it.


Casino bonuses, whether crypto casino bonuses or bonuses in regular online casinos, almost always come with a wagering requirement attached to them. Wagering requirement tells you how many times you need to wager the bonus money before it becomes real money.

For example, if the bonus is 100 euros, and the wagering requirement (WR) is 25x, you need to make at least 2500 euros worth of bets (100x25) before the bonus money becomes real money.

The higher the wagering requirement is, the higher the possibility that you will never get to the point of having any bonus money left by the time you fulfill the wagering requirement.

What does wagering apply to

Another important aspect of the bonus wagering requirement is what it applies to.

While often the wagering requirement applies to just the bonus money, sometimes it can also apply to you deposit.

This means that in case of a 100% match bonus, if the wagering requirement applies to both bonus money and your deposit, the bonus money WR is not 25x anymore, but 50x, because you also need to wager your deposit (100x25 + 100x25).

When is the bonus added to your account?

Most bonus money is added to your account immediately after you accept the bonus and make the deposit.

However, sometimes the bonus terms might say that you FIRST need to complete the wagering requirement with your own money, and only then is the bonus money (which now is real money) released to your account.

Same applies to free spins - sometimes the free spins bonuses are added directly to your account immediately. Sometimes you first need to wager the bonus money, and then you get the free spins.

Read the bonus terms carefully!

Game contributions

Not all games are equal when it comes to fulfilling the wagering requirement.

Sometimes the casino has made is simple - you can only play slots while wagering, and all the spins on all slots have 100% weight, meaning everything is as you'd expect.

However, often the casino lowers the weight of some slots and also other games.

For example, the weights of the games during the bonus wagering might be the following:

Now, if you wanted to fulfill the wagering requirement from our previous example in blackjack, which counts only 10%, it would mean that instead of having to make 2500 worth of bets, you actually need to multiply it by 10, so for 25 000.

So game weights are important!

Plus, some casinos might complicate it further, saying that if you play game X or Y during bonus wagering, your bonus will be forfeit immediately.

Max bet size

Most casinos have set a maximum bet you are allowed to make during bonus wagering. Most commonly it's something like 5 bucks. You are not allowed to make bigger bets while playing with bonus. And the limit also applies to bonus buy slots - meaning, you can't even buy a bonus for more than 5 bucks.

Minimum deposit

When you pay attention to the bonus terms, it often comes with a minimum deposit requirement. While often it's the same as the general casino minimum deposit, sometimes it can be higher. So keep that in mind.

Allowed Games

I already mentioned the game weights when it comes to wagering, but sometimes you can't play anything else than (specific) slots while playing with bonus money at all.

Time to release the bonus

The higher the bonus amount, the more time you could use to fulfilf the WR. Often, however, you might have very little time to wager very big bonus. Which usually means that it's not even possible to turn the bonus money into real money, even if you are lucky enough.

Most commonly you have 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days to complete the wagering. And obviously, it makes a huge difference whether it's 3 or 30 days.

Maximum withdrawal from the bonus

Most bonuses, although not necessarily all, come with a maximum allowed withdrawal. This can tell you that even if you end up having 50k on your account after completing the wagering requirement, you are only allowed to withdraw maximum of 1k and the rest will be removed from your account.

So yet another important aspect for a crypto casino bonus to pay attention to. And not only crypto casino bonuses have these terms - they all do.

Applicable deposit methods

When it comes to crypto casino bonuses, it's usually simple - you get the bonus when you make a deposit using cryptocurrencies. But even there sometimes they might have different bonuses for different payment methods. So be sure to pay attention.

Choose the right bonus (bigger isn't always better, if you can choose between multiple bonuses)

Now we get to other suggestions you should consider when it comes to casino bonuses in crypto casinos.

And the first things to mention is choosing the right bonus. Right bonus for you.

If the same casino has numerous different bonuses to choose from, everyone should decide which bonus might be best for them.

The same casino could theretically have the following bonuses:

  1. A 200% up to 50 euro bonus with 10x wagering requirement, 3 days to release
  2. A 300% bonus up to 300 euros with 30x wagering requirement, 3 days to release
  3. A 100% bonus up to 3000 euros with 20x wagering requirement (WR applies to both, deposit + bonus), 30 days to release

As you can see, the first bonus might not give you much, but it comes with very low wagering requirement while the 100% bonus has a higher WR than 300% bonus (as you need to wager your deposit as well). The 300% bonus on the other hand gives you only 3 days to release it.

So always think before you accept ANY bonus.

KYC requirement

Not very common, but sometimes the terms might state, even the crypto casino bonus terms, that in order to even be eligible to get the bonus, you need to verify your account first, and go through the KYC process.

Responsible gambling options

Now, this point isn't specifically related to crypto casino bonuses, BUT it's still extremely important to consider before accepting any crypto casino bonus.

Have you figured out how to make sure you will keep your gambling habits responsible?

The problem is that when it comes to crypto casinos, very many of them do not have a responsible gambling settings page where you could set your deposit limits or loss limits or anything else like that.

Instead you need to find your own way of keeping yourself in check.

So please think about that first.

Claiming process - how to claim a crypto bonus

And then there's obviously the claiming process. How you claim the crypto casino bonus depends a lot on the casino.

Many casinos have made it as simple as possible, you just choose the bonus, as it's added to your account immediately.

Some casinos, however, require you to ask it through their live chat, which makes it an annoying experience already.

Accept only the best crypto casino bonus

There we have it - crypto casino bonuses come in all shapes and forms and it's extremely important to pay attention to the bonus details.

Only that way can you accept the crypto bonuses that actually make sense to you.

Happy hunting!