Gamble responsibly

Responsible gambling is more important in crypto casinos
Wherever you play, it's important to only gamble responsibly. However, when it comes to crypto casinos, you need to take extra precautions to make sure you really are gambling responsibly.

Why is it important to gamble responsibly?

Responsible gambling is not just a buzzword.

Gambling can become a real problem for some people and that's not good neither for the person him/herself nor the casino he/she is playing at. 

If you start spending way too much money in a casino or just too much time, it's not a good entertainment anymore, it's not fun, it's not good break from everything else anymore. 

Instead, at that point it's become a problem.

And none of us likes problems. Of any kind.

As long as you play responsibly, gambling is good entertainment. It gives you adrenaline and the chance to win.

As long as things are under control, everything is fine. And most people who gamble in casinos manage things very well.

However, there are enough people who lose control of their gambling. Based on studies up to ten per cent of gamblers are compulsive gamblers.

Responsible gambling options in crypto casinos

Regular casinos that are licensed in their local jurisdictions have to adhere to several guidelines. One of them is the requirement to offer players the option to set their responsible gambling limits.

When it comes to crypto casinos that are licensed in Curacao or anything similar, they don't really have that kind of requirement. And if they don't have the requirement, they normally don't offer you the option.

And in most crypto casinos that's pretty much the only thing that can be said about responsible gambling options.

Of course, from positive side, there are crypto casinos where you can set your responsible gambling limits by getting in touch with the casino customer support, and asking them to set it.

Hoping to find an page to set the gambling limits yourself is a hopeless cause in most cases.

So as you can see, keeping sane mind and discipline is way more important in crypto casinos than any regular casinos.

Responsible gambling sites & apps

If you want to keep your gambling in check, block your access to gambling sites entirely, or need help with your problem gambling, here are a few resources that might help with that.

Betblocker -

You can use betblocker app to block ALL gambling sites. Right now they have 82 900 gambling sites in their database. The app is free.

Gamblers anonymous -

If you have a problem already, you can find help through Gamblers Anonymous. The membership is free, and they can help you recover from your gambling problem.

Gamtalk -

Community of people to talk about your gambling problem. Joining the community is free.